Decorative Coatings

We can apply a decorative metallised or spray painted finish to a large variety of products, again with a large number of different colours and effects.

One area is the POS/POP point of sale or point of purchase market, where we have produced for example, badges, display cases and decorative trim items for retail outlets, such as car showrooms, the brewery trade, cosmetic and tobacco industries.

We also supply manufacturers of household items such as ventilation grilles and plumbing accessories used in kitchens and bathrooms and sold through major DIY outlets in the UK.

We supply a number of the UK’s leading manufacturers of commercial lighting with both metallised and spray painted components for decorative trims and bezels.

We also supply both metallised and spray painted parts to the furniture industry.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a component that you believe would be enhanced with a metallic or spray painted finish then please contact us.